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Configure XLReport Report Server

  • To setup the XLReport Report Server click >Report Server>Configure on menu bar.

  • If your XLReport queries – Excel sheets should be able to be accessible on the Internet you need to select the Report Web Server option.

You have two options to configure the Report Web Server:

  • XLReport Server
    • Use this option for testing purposes and on the Intranet.
  • Internet Information Server
    • Use this option for Internet access and production purposes.

Note! To use the IIS option you need to open Excel as Administrator user.
To run Excel as Administrator do the following:
1.) Look for the Excel shortcut either in the Desktop or the Start Menu.
2.) Right click it and select Run as Administrator
If you don’t see the option to run it as administrator, you can press Control + Shift + Enter (if you’re over the shortcut) or click it (in the Start Menu) or double click it (in the Desktop) and it will be run as administrator.

  • Select either option and click Apply.

XLReport will configure the Server for you.

Note! For IIS configuration it might be necessary to configure – adjust – manually.