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Internet Information Server (IIS)

Internet Information Services – included with any Microsoft Windows Server – is recommended to be used to run the XLReport Report Server, especially in a production environment, as it has several security and performance features not available in the XLReport Web Server.

Note: If you plan to use Internet Information Services, it is recommended that you enable Internet Information Services and its ASP.NET 4 support before installing XLReport.

Using Internet Information Services you have the option to decide the name of the Virtual Directory and the Web Site you want to run the Report Server on.

Changing these options will make the Report Server available in a different location; for example, if you have a Web site already configured in Internet Information Services and it is configured to use port 800, and you use the alias “Reports”, then the new address of the Report Server and the Report Web Service will be http://localhost:800/Reports.

Note: Using an empty alias will configure the Report Server to run in the root of the selected Web Site.

Note: If you were already using Internet Information Services for the Report Server, the previous Report Server will still be available in the previous address.