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User Groups

Add a new User Group

  • Click >Security>User Group on the menu bar.

Group Permissions

  • Project Configuration: allow configuration of Projects.
  • User Security / Variables: allow adding, editing and deleting of users and user groups and also define user / User Group Variables..
  • View Connections: allow viewing data connections.
  • Add/Edit Connection: allow viewing, adding, editing and deleting data connections.
  • Use Stored Procedures : allow using stored procedures.
  • Change Objects Permissions : allow editing Report Object privileges.
  • Register License: allow registering XLReport licenses.
  • Admin XLReport Report Repository : allow accessing XLReport Server DB utilities like backup, restore of backups and compacting the XLReport Report Repository database.
  • Export/Import Objects : allow exporting and importing Projects and Report Objects from the Utility menu.

Edit a User Group

  • Select a user group.
  • Change the user group name and optionally user group privileges.

Delete a User Group

  • Select the user group to be deleted and click Delete .
  • If a User Group has associated Users it can not be deleted.
    In this case you need to delete associated Users first.