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Visual Query Designer Interface

Query Builder Panes

Object Path

The Object path shows the bread-crumb structure of the Report Object location.


Shows the Data Connection of the Query Object.

Diagram Pane

The Diagram Pane allows to visually select tables / views and its fields to be included in the Query.

Grid Pane

The Grid Pane allows to select fields, assign expressions, sort orders, aggregate functions and apply criteria and parameters.

SQL Pane

The SQL Pane allows to edit the SQL syntax manually.

Query Synchronization

XLReport allows full synchronization between Diagram, Grid and SQL Panes.

Once you change any setting in any pane all other panes will synchronize automatically.

Important! When working with complex queries and sub-queries, synchronization between panes might slow down your work . Therefore it is recommended to turn the SQL pane off.

  • To turn the SQL pane off, unselect View and SQL Pane on the menu bar.

Tip! You can also write an SQL syntax manually or paste an existing SQL code and the Diagram and the Grid pane will synchronize.